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good morning and welcome, everyone, i am barbara harrison. wednesday, september 15th, 200010. >> we go to mayor fenty. >> i thank everyone for their support, to my campaign and the city than you will ever know. i want to thank my own family. my wife, michelle was here with us until 2:00 in the morning, my parents, my brothers, of course. all of these people have been with me since 1999, when i first ran my cpaign for theity couil seat, when we walked up and down georgia avenue, where we are today. you cat thank your family enough in campaigns.
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they are not only the rock that keeps you going, but fill in the gaps on the campaign trail. thank all who have helped me in the campaigns. behind me are the current coordinators for fenty 2010. they are exactly what i have always had in campaigns, people who love washington, d.c., and understand that the way to make your city better is through public service, and not afraid to work extremely hard hours for almost no pay. f those who who have worked for me in campaigns, iill never be able to thank a of you. thank all the employees of the d.c. government, iingly be in city government for 106 more
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days, we have the hardest working, most competent government employees anywhere in the country. i saw it as a city council member, so enthusiastic to take the helm four years ago, and to help recruit, help manage and to make even better the strong employees that we hve had. the bes agency directors in the country. i thank all of them for the work they have done for me, and prior to me ming on board. and the work that they will do after i am gone. people have questions about what you will do personally. it is too early for me to answer those types of questions. i was born and raised in washington, d.c., i have no intentions of ever aving. i will be in the city for the rest of my life. my parents taught me that you have to be involved. that you have to give back to your community it is unlikely that i will be in a position as
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home profile, maybe not even elected office in d.c., it is guaranteed 100% that i will continue to give back to my community to keep washington, d.c. the greatestity in the world. i will take questions from the media. >> can you tell us what your advice will be? >> i have talked to michelle a couple of times. mainly about what i will talk to all my cabinet directors about over the next 106 days, that is transition. make being sure we don't miss a beat. as we speak, there are hundreds of thousands of d.c. residents relying on the services of the government that i am in charge of. we talked preliminarily, we will
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talk about what we need to do to continue to move forward through the rest of the school year. she will be the ultimate decider about her own personal future, and it is my understanding that she will do that in working with the democratic nominee. it is in their cot now. even though i am the mayor, i will be for the next 106 days, i can only talk about the next 106 dayst is up to her and democratic nominee gray to determine what will happen after that. >> what do you thinkhappened? the candidate that swept every ward in the city, mayor who was by almost all accounts incredibly successful, to a mayor people didn't want to re-elect? >> i don't have anything to offer, the analysis given in
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re-elec. it was a close election, i know you didn't mean to say it like this, to say nobody wanted to re-election, 46% of the vote, a lot of people did so enthusiastically. they thought the city was headed in the right direction. my team and i know how elections work. majority rules. we willingly accept the vote of the majority. as i said, we made a lot of tough political decisions, a lot of those cost us pitical popularity. there were other things that were factors in the race. plenty of time for analysis over the next couple of days. in addition to the tough decision-making, i think there were concerns about recent engagement, i said that under
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repeated queioning. >> is there some things you h e would ha done differently? >> managing gives new meaning to hindsight is 20/20. if we only knew what you know. you would love to reverse things. we always made the best decisions at the time that we made them with the information that we had. for those reasons, we will always look -- when people say, maybe this thingou need to do differently, thi thing you need to change. i transition to say, we will make the changes going forward. now, thatwill be up to the new mayor. as long as i am mayor, there are certain things we can do. we have a great team that is excited to run the city with
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those who are currently there. >> what about the voters who said you lost touch with them. going as far as as to say calling you arrogant? >> listen, i talk to voters all day yesterday. some people would have said exactly those words or something similar. some voted against meemp they said they would. some voted for me. some said, there were issues about your personality et cetera. or believe that all the other things you did out-weigh them. there is no way to ever know what my opponent get 53%, me get 46. we can do the anlysis. my opponent ran a great campaign. we were privileged and honored to run a great campaign alongside of them. may the the best person win. we believe that happened yesterday.
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the voters were heard. you have no planos running as an independent? >> this is the first time, and no, i don't. ive am going to support the democratic nominee, vincent gray. >> rule it out completely? >>well, i have 106 days, he has four years. starting january 2nd. i am excited about the future of the city. i think the city will keep moving forward. >> to follow up, how is this affecting you personally today? you and your family? >> that is a great question. i go into these things with not expecting anything. for me, it is the beginning of the end of a great ten-year run. i will be 40 in december. that means that i will have spent a quarter of my life as an
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elected official in the city i was bor and raced in. i would have to be a complete idiot and fool to not see mself as blessed, to have served so many, and contributed so much. >> are you considering the r for the -- >> i tried to state that, i will do it more directly. no. i do not plan to involved in electoral politics. as i saw some of my coordinators, before i was an elected city council member, i was president of the civic association in my neighborhood. i did that in probably six months to a ye after buying my house in d.c. i believe in civic participation. it is whamy parents taught my brothers and i. not in a big, highly public role, but in a way to help my
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community, help the government, help out people who need a helping hand. >> as an aid in your administration, education -- something in the future? >> i can't predict that type of stuff. too early. where i have spent no time during the campaign doing what i woul do after politics. my passion really is that cy really -- it was education, has recently been where we need thad the most. >> i will go one, two, three. >> are you ruling out elected office? four years, you will be a very young man. >> it is probably that i would not be in elected office.
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none of us can ever predict the future. i fel like i have had my turn. being a public serve ant and elected representave. a quarter of my lie, i have been doing it. way more than half of my adult life. i feel like that a great run. i have contributed a lot. i am excited to see what the next steps areor me, personally. right now, we have 106 days left, i am the sworn mayor of the district of columbia. there will a lot of things we will have to do in order to make sure people get services for the next 106 days. that is priority number one. >> has michelle told you her plans? >> we spoke briefly. she and i will sit down, as i
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will with all my cabinet directors. during the campaign, you don't have the opportunity to talk to the cabinet as much. as i told this group, she and i will decide how the schools will be run for the next 106 days. she and the democratic nominee will have to decide what their respective roles are for any days after jnuary 2nd, next year. >> can we broaden that out? what about the rest? will you encourage vincent gray to keep the folks on? >> i respect the democratic process. to me, it would be over-stepping my bounds, as the incumbent mayor, that i think the democratic nominee should do this or that in fact, i am here
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to support him in what he thinks. are the best decisions for running the city. the citizens of the district of columbia by majority vote decided who they want their next democratic nominee to be. we know that will surely be the next mayor of the district of columbia, i will go with the majority vote and support vincent gray, whatever he thinks is right going forward. last question. >> you said for all intents and purposes, you are done with politics from d.c., do you have offers to do something else on the table? >> no, you cannot. it would not be true. i just know as i stand here today, i believed in a couple of things. one, an old saying i told my campaign staff. a quote i take from martin luther king jr., he said in his
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last speech, the night before he was killed, longevity h its place. what he means, the sportsadage, you leave everythin on the court. you d't say, i have this long, i can space my tough decision-making and my engagement out over a long period of time. i ran every day as the mayor of the district of columbia as if it were my last. as hard as i could, ever day. i feel i put everything into it. i was excited to serve the city for four moreears t wasn't the will of the voters. i support vincent gray. i am at a point in my life where i can move on to something else. as i told mark, i never know. i will be active in my community, wherever that leads, nobody knows.
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thank you very much. >> the democratic primary. vincent gray defeatedfenty with 53% of the vote. declarg victory. gray is expected to announce his future plans. outside the washington court hotel where that speech will take place. >> good morning, in just a little while, he will be setting up outside of the hotel and talking about what will happen between now and november 2nd this. is not the end. although, unless there is another major write-in candidat it looks like vincent gray will go ahead and be the mayor of washington d.c. he has to continue the general election and thats what this will be all b beating out mayor
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fenty four years after fenty won in every district. >> i know wellhat adrian fenty shares our commitment to the city. applaud him for his service in the district of columbia. >> the youngest mayor in history got resistance from voters early on, many becoming that the mayor has becomedisconnected and arrogant. >> he looks down on people, instead of communicating with the people. >> reporter: they say fenty's character and policy is what changed their vote. >> to me, he was disappointing. certain areas that they work with the people, the rest of us get lost in the shuffle. >> reporter: fenty supporters showed disappointment.
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>> i am disappointed. i voted for fenty. the whole fam cane was disappointing. >> reporter: as the polls predicted, he vowed to be a uniter. >> now is the time to look forrd. how we can work to unit our great city. so that every resident has not only a voice, but has a role in tapping the challenge that is we face ahead. >> reporter: vincent gray got in politics late in life. he won the ward 7 councilman, and chair in 2006. now he has won the democratic nomination for mayor. live in northwest.
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>> this morning, we knowho i poised to take vincent gray's place to take hischair, kwame own. for the d.c. incumbent at large, he beat out mhael brown and clark ray. and prince george's county, baker beat out four other opponents including sheriff michael jackson, with 55% of the vote. elaine reyes joins us where baker is holding a press conference this midday. >> reporter: a lot of smiles this morning, baker has a substantial lead. most ofhe night last night. he all, there is no republican candidate in the race. now, making a good county great was the slogan. richard baker is a former
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delegate who ran for prince george's county. he has promised to improve the systems, and make the county government more responsive. the results came in slow last night because of technical difficulties, that didn't stop the bakecamp from celebrating. >> i think the people have spoken. i think the message was loud and clear. prince george's county, i is time to make a good county great. >> reporter: baker walking in the roo as we speak. going ahead and listen to his remarks as they take place.
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>> how is everyone doing this morning? did you get a lot of sleep? i know i didn. thank you for being here for a few words before i take some time with my family to rest up for the challenges ahead. the first thing i would like to do is thank the campaign workers andolunteers and citizens of prince george's county who have bestowed upon me a great honor, to be the nomine for the democratic party for county executive.
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it is inded a great honor and great responsibility, one that i do not take lightly, and neither does my family. i would like to extend best wishes and great luck to the folks who r for county executive. henry turner, who i spoke to this morning, fine prince georgean, and gorren levi, i am looking forward to working with her. and looking forward to michael jackson, who ran a terrifi campaign, and you ow, i am looking forward to working with him to make prince george's county what we alws said it
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should be. it is good county. we want to make it is a great county. i look forward to working with those individuals, love to give them a round of applause for running a great campaign. i have also reached out to the current county execive, the honor jack johnson, i am looking forward to talking to him after this press conference, so that once am officially the county executive-elect, that is weird to say, looking forward to working with him to move this government forward. i talked to the governor last night, governor o'malley. we will be talking about, not only how we move prince orge's county forward, and maryland forward, but how we strengthen the democratic party. vitalked to a number of former elected officials, who have been a stap nel this campaign. i look forward to talking to
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them and working. a couple of things, in the upcoming weeks, leading up to the november general election, we are going to hold and reach out so that we hold or talk to the public about three critical issues that face prince george's county. education, of course, the number one issue facing us in the county. but also economic development. we started in the campaign by holding forums, business forums, real estate forums, to get ideas by those who are affectedy the laws in prince george's county. we will do the same thing and get the input of the public. we will do one around public safety. the three thgs we will reach out to the public, get as much information as possible. we are lucky in this campaign, that is that we had a vision, prince george's county's, the county executive, i want to start by saying that is the
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transparency i want people to see. we will reach out and make sure the public is involved in shaping the legislation for the unty. i will be pulling those folks together. finally, i will be reaching out to the newly elected officials in prince george's county. our state attorney, we have a new state's attorney and new sheriff. we will have a new sheriff, we have five new council members. i am looking forward to working with them now. not waiting until we are sworn n but start working with them now around agendas. one thing that gives us a bit of a start. when we started this campaign, we did what we called the pledge. a lot of people thought it was funny. it had never been done in prince george's county. they mistook it for a slate. it wasn't a sla.
11:25 am
it was about agreeing as caidates that tse are the things that we will wk on. no matter who wins, that we will come together and work on these issues. a number of the folks who w last night sign thad pledge. we will reach out to those who didn't sign the pledge, who won, to say, this is what i want to work on as county executive, how do we start tacklings the krfl issues immediately. as i said in the campaign, the first thing i want to do as the democratic nominee, getting ahead of myself here, as the democratic nominee, i think education is our critical issue, i will be having lunch with dr height, it happens to be high school, randomly picked it out
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of a hat. i will be sitting down with him to talk about ways in the coming months that we can work together. have reached out to the teacher's union, to have them sit in on the meeting to begin in a collabative forum. with that, after that meeting, i will get some rest. we have challenges ahead. i feel energized, and i am looking forward tit. thank you. >> you can see allhe primary results online, go to nbc washington online. stay with us, we will be right back.
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today here in washington, d.c., we will have a new mayor. vincent gray defeated mayor fenty. he told his supporters it is time to come together as one city. the thi time is the charm for baker, he beat out sheriff michael jackson and three other candidates to take the nomination for prince george's county county executive. baker is slated to be the next county executive in prince george's county. today's primary results reflect a rocky election forso-called establishment politicians. win the p in new york, the biggest win for the tea party candidate came in delaware, where sarah palin-backed
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o'donnell. she responded to critics that is a she will fall hard in november. >> i never thought we would win or win as big as we did. unpredictable politic season. the folks are craving candidates willing to stand for something. again, they will be proven wrong in november. >> sofar, eight members of congress lost their primaries. breaking news in prince george's county. a gunman who took a hostage for nearly 9 hours in capital heights this morning. we talked with two of the hostages. >>reporter: a terrifying ordeal f family members who say they were inside the house when the gunman stormed n eight people were being held hostage.
11:32 am
the standoff ended nine hours later, after the suspect turned the gun on himself. this chopper video shows the wild seen on richborrow road. police were in the middle of a standoff with a gunman, that barricaded himself inside a house with a female hostage. others who said they were taken hostage, and she was 18 and the ex-girlfriend of the gunman who didn't want to let her go. the gunman, upstairs in the master bedroom, turned the gun on himself. >> he got mad. >> i came home with my girlfriend, and he had everybody hostage. he eventually let us out of the house. he took my niece upstairs, that is where it all ended at. >> it is not unusual inthis situation for a barricade to
11:33 am
last this long. time is on our side. >> reporter: the 18-year-old victim was able to make it out okay. as for the guan p police are not releasing information about him, saying he is in the hospital in very critical condition. >> they say he shoved up with a gun around 1:00. they dn't call police, because the gunman apologized. a look at today. >> another dry day, we need rain. a drought underway, on-going all summer long. a beautiful, blue sky. it comes at a price. things are drying out. that is the live view from skywatcher, way out in the horizon is loen county, virginia. at the airport, comfortably dry, a light breeze. elsewhe in the 70s from the
11:34 am
valley. it was chilly in the low 40s. many locations in the mid 60s. etern shore, beautiful day around the beaches, in th low 70s there now. over the last 12 hours, high pressure from the great lakes, over us now, giving us a beautiful, blue sky. will drift off the seaboard, we will have increasing cloud cover thursday, and highs in the mid 80s by mid afternoon during the day. a blustery wind as well as thursday. and a front coming thugh might trigger a passing shower, just a small chance of that on friday, sunsne, probably ithe afternoon, after morning clouds break up. we will be in the low 80s at that time. it looks like a terrific weekend coming up, enjoy. saturday. great weather for all the high school and college games for
11:35 am
outdoor recreation and fun, great weather for the games on sunday at l the skins take on the texans, should be great weather for that on monday, back to work and school with great weather. afternoon highs near 80. >> and the traffic, jerry. how is it looking out there? >> along i-95, plenty of road work in place, the stretch down to the river bridge, if you look carefully, see the cones blocking the riht side of the roadway. a a stretch of traffic backed up because of construion toward fredricks burg. and one more stop, for downtown, 395, crawling now, beginning after the pentagon, and the 14th street bridge. a far left lane block, out of camera range, inbnd, 14th street bridge.
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righ lanes will get you by. the landscape diet drugs could shift this week. the fda could approve a drug for obesity, and pull another off the shelves. >> millions of americans turn to medication for ight loss goals. meriddia has been linked to heart attack and strokes. many who are overweight may have unrecognized heart disease, if they don't go to the doctor regularly. >> reporter: today, they will discuss the benefits and see if it should be pulled. an experimental drug, researchers say it had few problems in studies, and
11:37 am
patients lost 17 pounds over a year. >> inflammation, all the markers improved in the studies. >> reporter: if approved it would be the first prescription weight loss drug in a decade. the fda will review concrave in december, it is a combination. obesityoes not face just adults, 43% of public school students are overweight or obese. one of the highest rates in the nation. in a new cookbook, "baby love." parents are given ways to start children on a healthy diet early. nora o'donnell and her husband, chef tracy.
11:38 am
>> this is cooking for baby at home. >> we are both busy parents, part of the reason we wrote this book was to show parents how easy it is. i got lucky and married a chef. when we started doing this, i watched how easy it was for jeff to put these together, i sid we have to write a book. jeff said, nobody cares. if parents knew how easy it was, to make apple sauce or butternut squash, they would say, i can do this. >> lking about the obesity of children, it is a probm, you see it on the streets when you go out. kids are overweight these days. tell us about the book. what does it tell us we have to do. >> it gives techniques and easy recipes so parents can have the confidence to do it. it is xwoonchdly easy to do. it is not that difficult. nora saw me doing it, i never imagined buying the stuffn the jars with the expiration dates off in the future.
11:39 am
nora said, we have to tell everybody how easy this is. a foundation of nutrition for your children. >> both parents working feel like they don't have th time. you have to have a blender. >> if you can make a marge rit ayou can make baby food. and the key is putting it in the ice cube trays, one hour every two weeks, you freeze t and pop out an ice cube tray. that is saving time. the second fact is cost. we costed out all the recipes, he is owns restaunts in town, we showed you can say $1,000 a year by making your own baby od, it is cheaper. we are working harder, some have lost their jobs, making homemaid
11:40 am
baby food is cheaper. >> we were able to purchase all the inredients at local stores and farmers markets, all have great opportunities for healthy, nutritious food. >> i was watching the apple sauce, you peel them first? >> it is a great question. organic apples, leave the skin on. there is a lot of nutrients in the peel. in fact, it is faster that way. if you can't get organic apples, peel the skin off, that is where the pesticides are. >> kids can beicky eaters. there are ways to get tm to try things they maybe wouldn't, like brussel sprouts? >> i used to call them killer veg tables. there are seven, eight really basic recipes that all three of our kids enjoyed from e start and more advanced recipes that
11:41 am
lead off of those. >> the way to pvent picking children is tow get them used to the flavors of fresh venlitables early. >> do you include food for yourself and blending up the adult food? >> all the recipes are a two-week supply. again, it really takes some of the recipes eight, nine-minute long recipes, some are shorter. about an hour every two weeks you can produce enough food for your baby. >> there is recipes for adults, whole sgran pancakes with flax. he made them for me every day. the butternut squash, yo can have it for soup f dinner for yourself there. is a lot of recipes that work for adults as well. >> joe made me omise that you have to sign aook for his
11:42 am
grandson. >> it makes a great gift for new parents. >> baby showers and stuff. >> celebrating the birth of your first two, now the third one. they have twins, in case you don'know. thanks for coming in, sharing your book with us. especially the ones for adults. >> thanks for coming in. >> still ahead on news4 mid-day, the stock market rallies, we will have the latest numbers. treating adhd
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factory output grows for the first time in 13 months, we have
11:46 am
more on today's business headlines, court nee, good morning. >> the dow up 30 points started the day in the red, and snapped the four-day streak yesterday, hopefully, we can keep riding the green into the close. we had rumors that fed may be considering more steps to boost the economy that is weighing on the dollar. and pushing people, a record highgold more than $24 an ounce, we will see if it breaks the record again today. asian marketshigher, europe, struggling a bit more. the government said, that is the biggest increase 6% in four months, and a new boston college study said that americans are $6.6 trillion short of what they need to retiebreakers with savings cut by housing market slumps.
11:47 am
company mers should be able to log in, chaseom was down on tuesday, leaving millions without access. jp morgan said it was technical, not hackers, your information was not subject to be released. it came along with an app allowing people to deposit checks. that is up slightly from july, it is affordable to buy a home, home prices are down 30% from four years ago, and mortgage rates remain at record lows, kr the is a bit tighter these days than in the past. if you can secure a mortgage, you will get one at a low rate. >> see you tomorrow.
11:48 am
>> toy, we wrap up our spial series on adha, for kids. last week, we talked about medications, today, dr. joshua winer talks about the dangers of t treating adhd. a lot of parents do elect not to treat t they think the child will grow out of it. we were talking about children with the problem of obesity, and it brings up the subject of what kids eat. you hear things like, that child is sugared up. is there something you can recomme with diet with children with adhd. >> this is something that has been loed into carefully. parents will say there is diet that affects behavior.
11:49 am
studies have not swn that to be the case. there are diets, elemination diets, trying to get rid of process foods, food dyes, diary, wheat, soy, chocolate, thes studes have looked at the diets, they don't seem to work on the whole. for some, it is worthtrying, you nevernow if for your one particular child may have a sensitivity. i saw a child this morning, for their child, it caused the adhd t become worse. >> a school for boys, that will have them all go out for exercise programs before they start their academic day, they feel that is another thng to bring down the hyperactivity, to have kids, no matter who they are, get some exercise early in
11:50 am
the day>> it is a eat idea. everybody needs more exercise. people are staying in. people are more prone to spend time inside on their computer or phones, texting on another. these kinds need to burn energy off. kids with adhd need the time to get steam out to be more calmer and able to focus on the work when the dime comes. >> what do experts feel is the most effective treatment for adhd? >> the most appropriate is a multi-probed apprch, not only medication but other interventions, things like behavior plans home. we know kids with adhd don't develop it from that but they
11:51 am
can harder. because they are adhd, it is not that they are no longer responsible for misbehavior they may have. they have to be responsib whether they have or have not taken their medications, making individualized edation plans, and were extended test taking, and access to teacher notes. >> what about meditation or omega-3 vitamins? >> not much in t way of meditation, omega 3 fatty acids is something i recommend for everybody. shown to be helpful for anxiety, depression and adhd. >> we love to have you here, our
11:52 am
psychiatrist who deals mostly with children. we look forward to having you back next week. >> thank you very much. >> 11:52. teammates who poke fun at a player who had trouble getting ou of t dugout. a check of the forecast. stay with us.
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every home tells a story. did you know that one of the most famous people in the entire world grew up in this tinyhome? if you don't know who this little country home could belong to, i am going to give you just a little hint. ♪ working 9 to 5 ♪ ♪ what a way to make a living ♪ it is allaking and no giving ♪ >> take a look at some of the stories following for news 4 this afternoon. a preview of things to come. >> coming at news 4 at 4:00. why men are blocking to the stores. and there is a vaccine you take
11:56 am
as a child that otects you throughout your life. developing here in the washington area. those stories, plus your forecast, of at newsat 4:00. >> tom is here, good morning again. >> beautiful day underway. rain, well we will enjoy this we approach the noon hour, the sky over washington, plenty of sunsne, and right now, in the 70s to near 80 degrees. we have a low humidity in place, high pressure over the region no a mostly clear night, clouding up in the afternoon, highs in the mid 80s, a bluery breeze, and thursday, a front coming through, that may trigger an isolated passing shower, and ter that clouds around and sun back on friday afternoon, with highs in t low 80s. on saturday, mostly sunny, a beautiful day for all the games and the skins' game on sunday.
11:57 am
sunshine in the low 80s, and a dry start to next week. we will see you tomorrow morng. >> tom, thank you very much. >> the baltimore orioles had a rare good night, beating up on the blue jays, the jays decided to have fun ding the drubbing. center fielder vernon wells happened to trip coming out of the dugout, they created a body outline of where he fell. the orioles went on an offense tear, winning 11-3. that is news for miay, we invite you to tune in at 4:00, six, and tonight at 11. i will be back here torrow at 11:00, hope you play to join us for that have a terrific day. see you in the morning.
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